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Sunday 11 May, Club Day at .......

A good old fashioned paddock racing day coming up at a new venue, weather permitting. Woo hoo!!


A brief summary of the Junior Novice rule

NHMMX is a "mini" club for kids 4-11 years old, with classes for 50cc and 65cc two and four stroke bikes as well as trail bikes up to 80cc two stroke and 112cc four stroke.

However, the club has a closed Junior Novice class reserved for riders who have come up through the club or their parents are actively involved in the running of the club. For a variety of reasons, this class is not open to other riders. We do not run Junior Novice races at all events.

The Junior novice class (aka 85cc) is run at the discretion of the committee and all participants require the consent of the committee. Click to go to the club rules.


Club Apparel

Don't forget to hop over to the apparel web page to check out the some of the club gear. The rip stock jackets are great and the beanies have almost sold out!


Club Sponsor

CycleSpot Euro have sponsored the club this year and last and made events like King of the North happen. Pay them a visit.